Greenfields homes each have their own areas of specialism, which include fire setting, inappropriate sexual behaviours (including Schedule 1 Offenders), self-harm, criminal and other antisocial behaviour, and persistent absconding; they are designed to deliver a structured programme of care, therapy and education.

All homes offer a non-judgemental, warm and nurturing environment and our multicultural staff teams are highly motivated, well trained and supported by managers who are qualified social work professionals with extensive experience in residential childcare.

Our daily therapeutic work is influenced by our team of qualified psychotherapists, art therapists and clinical psychologist, all of whom are available to the young people and our staff team for individual consultation.

We are able to provide:

  • Specialist clinical assessments
  • Individual behavioural support programmes
  • Psychotherapy, DBT and CBT
  • Enhanced and complex risk assessments
  • Psychological and integrated psychotherapist support

Greenfields predominantly works with troubled young people who for various reasons cannot be looked after by their families or in their home areas. Many have exhausted other channels of care and come to us in a state of conflict, unwilling to accept 'help'. We apply knowledge, resources, psychological strength and Resilient Therapy Principles to help the young people in our care and create positive outcomes.

We aim to provide young people with:

Basics: comfortable accommodation, a safe environment, healthy diet, playtime and leisure opportunities.

Coping strategies: we help young people to understand boundaries, solve problems, foster individual interests, learn self-management and build courage and hope.

Learning: we create a learning environment for young people, both at school and in our homes. We support young people to make education work for them, prepare a career plan, learn to organise their own life, celebrate achievements and develop life skills.

Belonging: we provide a nurturing environment where young people feel secure enough to form appropriate relationships with others, thus creating a support system around them. We support young people to make appropriate friends and learn social responsibilities. Whilst we try to create belonging, we always keep in mind the individual's background and their life experience before they came to us. We try to resolve young people's patterns of self-harming behaviour and addiction problems in an environment where they do not feel rejected.

Shape young people's core self: by encouraging hope, understanding other people's and their own feelings, learning to take responsibility for their own behaviour, encouraging individual interests and talents, giving them the confidence to feel safe enough to take calculated risks in discussion with carers.

Our therapeutic practice is influenced by the 'Self Actualisation' principle and the belief that anti-social emotions result from frustrations of the more basic impulses of love, security and belonging.

To achieve these outcomes, Greenfields provides an integrated approach, which includes:

  • Professional therapeutic intervention by qualified practitioners
  • Individualised healthcare and education opportunities
  • Safety, with a clear child protection and complaint procedure
  • Emotional warmth by showing unconditional regard
  • Stimulation in the form of an individualised activity programme
  • Appropriate guidance regarding rights and responsibilities
  • Consistent boundaries and structure
  • Stability – by offering a 'no rejection' policy (subject to Risk Assessment and Child Protection Implications)
  • Working in good partnership with young people, their families (as appropriate) and other agencies in order to create confidence in young people

We do not ignore the influence of behavioural science whilst caring for young people whose behaviour is often preventing them from having a fulfilling life. By using the principle of 'learning', we try to bring about changes in young people's behaviour.

Our Activity Reward Scheme is based on the theory that residents have the opportunity to decide their own rewards and choose the path they need to take to achieve their chosen rewards. This process, although designed to exercise a measure of control, is empowering to young people. We believe that this method of conditioning, based on positive reinforcements, can 'shape' desired behaviour.

Should young people and their placing Authorities desire a more formalised therapy, we are able to refer them to our external panel, which includes a psychotherapist, art therapist and clinical psychologist.


Greenfields believes in the empowering value that quality education may offer, and we take seriously our obligation to support, encourage and deliver an innovative and stimulating educational programme.

Many of the young people we encounter have often experienced exclusion during their past educational experiences. Therefore, they view education as a negative and frightening ordeal and as a result, suffer from a significant lack of self-esteem and confidence when confronted with the classroom.

We believe that good education is not only confined to the classroom; Greenfields aims to make learning and the acquisition of positive life skills a holistic building experience set upon firm foundations of trust, self-worth and confidence.

By establishing solid foundations we can overcome many of the difficulties that inhibit educational success, and are able to commence measurable academic input. To achieve these aims, we only employ dedicated teaching professionals who are experienced in delivering an innovative programme specifically tailored to the needs and understanding of each young person.

We are also proactive in sourcing and supporting recognised, work-based training opportunities, as well as maintaining strong links with alternative, community-based educational resources.

We recently opened our specialist BESD school, which delivers academic and vocational courses. Greenfields is ASDAN registered and take great pride in our trusted relationships with local colleges and businesses, enabling young people to study subjects on the national curriculum and enjoy first-hand experience of industry as a means to discover their own career path.