Successful outcomes

Case studies

Please note that names have been changed to protect the identities of individuals.

Halima's story

Halima came to Greenfields in 2010 as a very vulnerable young woman who did not see the risks she placed herself in. She had lost her father and lost contact with her mother at a very early age. Halima had several placements before Greenfields, including eight months in secure accommodation. The purpose of the placement at Greenfields was to provide her with a safe and nurturing home where she could feel cared for, accept boundaries and use opportunities to achieve.

During Halima's stay at Greenfields, we have seen her fighting against boundaries, making herself vulnerable, refusing education and using illegal substances. However, over the past two and a half years she has learnt that we will not reject her and will do everything possible to promote her individuality, help her achieve, learn social skills, build a relationship with her family and friendships with appropriate young people, and take calculated risks to allow her to attend concerts and social gatherings without staff.

It is a pleasure to say that after her time with us and with one more year in front of her, Halima has grown up to become a delightful and beautiful young woman, with a clear understanding of boundaries and excellent social skills. She also maintains good relationships with family and friends.

Importantly, she has also completed Level 1 Diploma in Performing Arts and has an audition to join Access to Music at Bristol College.

Recently, Halima played the lead role in a musical, which was attended by her social worker, independent reviewing officer, family members and Greenfields staff.

To offer full continuity of care, Halima will be staying with Greenfields in a semi-independent facility which has been developed especially for her, while continuing her training in performing arts.

George's story

George came to Greenfields with a history of fire setting, aggression, unauthorised absence and being on MAPPA.

The objective of the placement was to meet George’s ongoing and complex needs in a safe and therapeutic environment, whilst supporting him to comply with the requirements of the court to meet his Supervision Order and address his offending behaviour by engaging with offence-related therapy and the Youth Offending team.

At the beginning of his placement he struggled to live within a routine, maintain an acceptable level of hygiene, eat healthily, and attend education. But with very close supervision, nurturing care, understanding and clear boundaries, George started to grow to be a happy and positive young man who attended school and therapy, conformed with the risk management measures, and maintained very restricted supervised contact with some members of his family.

During one of his reviews he was asked why Greenfields worked for him while other placements did not. He replied that he felt ‘accepted, respected and not judged’.

At his last review in 2012, the following outcomes were reported:

  • George never left home without permission
  • No required use of physical intervention
  • Has taken responsibility for maintaining the home
  • Has enjoyed successful unsupervised contact visits with family
  • Has tried out a variety of activities
  • Has avoided becoming involved with other residents’ challenging behaviour
  • Has developed confidence to stand up to unfair treatment
  • Abides by boundaries to keep him and others safe
  • Abides by ‘return times’ when on free time
  • Has not got into trouble whilst on free time
  • Has learnt to budget to make his money last the week
  • Attends college with no problems and is achieving at college

Following a successful therapy programme, college attendance and working within the boundaries and restrictions placed on him, George proved that he could move back to his hometown to live with a family member, attend further education and live as a socially responsible person.

The Local Authority later commented that the ‘magic of the home, its setting, its boundaries and overall total unconditional regard for this young man were a great recipe for success.’

Micheala's story

Micheala came to Greenfields at the age of 14 after 42 placement breakdowns. This young and very vulnerable girl lost her parents and siblings due to various problems her parents faced.

During her three-year stay at Greenfields, Micheala showed a lot of aggression, criminal damage, heartache due to grief and loss she experienced, rejection of Greenfields' care and nurture, total disregard of the boundaries etc.

However, very slowly she started to enjoy the benefits of being cared for, being accepted and being respected and allowed herself to live with structure and boundaries. With this, her quality of life improved; she took ownership of the home, mentored other young people who were placed at this home and attended education and subsequently, college.

Often she was found studying very late in the evening with the teacher who made a special effort to help her to be accepted at the college.

Eventually Micheala was accepted to a degree course in her chosen subject at the age of 18. Greenfields’ staff set her up in the college residence. We have heard since then that she joined the army, played rugby and now works for the Local Authority who were responsible for her in the past.


Greenfields has over 12 years' experience in delivering positive outcomes for young people within our care.

We have established and developed positive links – including preferred provider status – with a large number of English and Welsh Local Authorities. Below is a taster of comments and compliments we have received; we are more than happy to provide further contact details upon request.

Comments from social workers:

“Highly resilient and creative staff team.”

“Greenfields does not give up.”

“Staff will always go the extra mile.”

“Staff and the manager work as a team. All give out the same message.”

“Staff not only support the young people; they also support me.”

Comments from family:

“Staff always make us feel important and respected.”

“When I come to see my boy I feel like I'm visiting my family.”

“Staff are very strong and do not get frightened when my son becomes angry.”

“I have learnt from staff that every day is a new day.”

“If I cannot have her with me, this is where she should be.”

Comments from young people in our care:

“I know I do not show it and I have caused so much damage but this is the best placement I ever had.”

“The manager can come across very strict and I do not like it, but that does not mean he is wrong.”

“I know people will not think I like being here because of the way I behave, but I do because I feel respected.”

“Staff explain everything to me the way social workers can't.”

“I am happy here.”